Rex is a combination of mixer, effects and sampler.

I wanted to make something versatile that I can travel with and set up easily in new locations. It's a mixture of circuits salvaged from old pieces of equipment and totally new circuit boards I've designed myself all connected to a laptop computer. The best thing about it is that it is totally suited to the way that I want to work and it's flexible - I can re-configure it to do different things relatively simply. I can easily have it set up one way for writing new material and another way for live performance.

I didn't really feel that I just wanted to be an old school DJ who just plays records. I'm perfectly capable of doing that and I always have vinyl on hand to mix alongside Rex. I've been producing music with electronics longer than I have been DJing and I've always wanted to have more control and flexibility. The other thing is that as a DJ I was always interested in the more technical aspects - all the turntable tricks that you hear the really good DJs use - scratching, beat juggling and so on - but there are plenty of people out there who have such a head start on me with those things that I felt I could never really catch up enough to make a real contribution to the art that way. Instead I've taken the route of developing a new technology to enhance the DJing art so I can add something genuinely new to the continuing progress of this electronic music culture.

I've already been approached by a few people with the idea of manufacturing and marketing Rex but I think it's just too personal a design - it's built around me. The other thing about it is that it isn't all that straightforward to work with in terms of setting up before playing - I can spend up to a week preparing for a gig with it. I don't think it would really sell that well in a market saturated with equipment that gives people instant results.