Barcelona based producer Suade has been working in electronic music for over a decade. With a long background of playing in various bands, DJing on pirate radio and at parties Suade has always written music in some form or another. With a family background in Detroit coupled with an interest in electronic sound Suade found himself drawn to the techno music scene from its birth in the late 1980s onward. Towards the end of the 1990s with his musical style focussed on techno Suade started up his record label Adapted Vinyl in 2000. Since this the label has continued to grow and now features a wide range of recording artists and a number of well-received releases.

As a DJ Suade started young with a first summer residency in Portugal in 1985, but only began to take it seriously after launching the Adapted Vinyl record label. Since then his performances have met with a very positive response leading to gigs in New York, Detroit, San Francisco and Toronto as well as residencies in his then home town of Newcastle at Fast Breeder and Reverb. In this, as in his production work, Suade takes the techno ethos of continual development very much to heart. Using a unique hybrid combination of sampler, mixer and FX unit all in one box, Suade is able to extend his DJ sets into the realm of raw tonal manipulation. With the merging of the mediums used by producer and DJ the creative process is re-defined once again.